Torx Enters the Selle Royal Premium Line

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Torx Enters the Selle Royal Premium Line
December 2015

The Torx is a unique combination of comfort and durability, a heavy-duty saddle for full-bodied riders that is  built to withstand years of drastic, inclement weather and is therefore perfect for everyday city use.  Thanks to its robust components and unique materials, it’s extremely strong: in fact scientific tests confirm that this saddle is able support up to 150 kg.

Such  strength is made possible by a special rail with an 8mm instead of the standard 7 mm rail diameter and a strong Strengtrex cover. Durable and comfortable, Strengtex is made from an exclusive material with an internal elastic network that is highly resistant to punctures, cuts, tears, cracking or aging.

Part of our PREMIUM line of saddles - a range built for more water resistance through the proprietary Royal Vacuum Light (RVL) technology that provides up to 100% protection while delivering an over 20% weight reduction - the Torx is more comfortable against shocks through the use of our exclusive RoyalGel padding, which exceeds ordinary foam padding or other gel padding products.

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