Travelling with Roberto Cassa to discover the West Coast

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Travelling with Roberto Cassa to discover the West Coast
March 2018

It’s a trip to experience the natural beauty of the West Coast of the U.S. All you need is a bicycle, a tent and thirty-eight days to explore the nature, the landscapes and culture that lie between Vancouver and Los Angeles.
Roberto’s expedition will be no cakewalk; it could actually be somewhat extreme at times, because he will be travelling alone with his bike and nothing but a tent to rest in. In addition, in the first part of his journey, he will have to deal with some harsh, unpredictable weather.

The West Coast is rich in breathtaking landscapes; it is a wide and varied land that can surprise you all the time. So his trip promises to be a tour full of adventure; starting from Seattle, our explorer will cycle to Vancouver and reach the surrounding islands. He will then get back to Portland by bus and start a 2800 km ride to Los Angeles. He will ride through many towns along the Pacific Coast, until he gets to the Golden Bridge in San Francisco and the breathtaking landscapes of Big Sur and the surrounding mountains.

Still, it won’t just be about miles, land and asphalt. Roberto will also take time for other activities, like discovering the culture, meeting new friends and perhaps sharing a roof  to sleep under, as he did many other times.
Every time that Roberto leaves for a tour he plans everything down to the smallest details, but once he gets there he just follows his instinct and his adventurous spirit; so we still don’t really know which and how many surprises his trip has in store for us.

To make his ride more comfortable, Roberto will bring along his Scientia by Selle Royal, a saddle that is specifically tailored to the cyclist’s sit bones and padded with 3D Skingel, to relieve pressure from the soft tissues and absorb shock.
After many bike tours, Roberto has learned one important thing: when you ride for so many miles, the best investment you can make is a comfortable saddle! Scientia by Selle Royal has always proved to be a perfect travel companion.

To learn more about Roberto’s adventure, keep an eye on his social profiles: @senzaconfini for Instagram and senzaconfini91 on Facebook. Through Roberto’s Insta stories, you will be able to see all the unpredictable situations he will get into, the weirdest food he will get to taste, the people he will meet and all of his activities. Not to mention that you can keep him company during a journey that is often a solitary one

We are really curious to know what he has to say about this incredible adventure but, as we wait for it, there’s only one thing we can say: Have a nice trip, Roberto!

All the pictures in this article are original pictures by Roberto Cassa.

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