A Trip to Please your Eyes... and Palate

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A Trip to Please your Eyes... and Palate
October 2016

Is there anything more fascinating than the hills for a trip out of town?
Especially in October, when the woods are tinged with shades of red and yellow, and the village streets smell of mushrooms and roasted chestnuts. The enervating summer heat is a distant memory but the biting cold has not yet set in; this is the best time to explore the wonders of Italy!

Cycling through the Tuscan Apennines, with its gentle slopes and medieval villages scattered throughout the region, means finding beauty at every turn, every path, every town. The warm autumn season is the perfect time for cycling in this area: the Chianti hills, in particular, welcome bicycle tourists with the typical splendour and luxuriance of these lands, promising an unforgettable experience for the heart and mind... not to mention the taste buds!
From Florence to Siena, this route will satisfy your senses with landscapes dotted with olive trees, vineyards and castles, the strong taste of local meats and pecorino cheeses, and the intense aroma of world-renowned Italian wines.

From the bustling Ponte Vecchio to the majestic Piazza del Campo, urban cobblestones will gradually give way to dirt trails as you pedal into the Chianti region, crossing the flyways of migratory birds.
A backpack, a relaxed pace and the extra comfort provided by a soft Respiro saddle are the prerequisites for an enjoyable ride on such different road surfaces; riding on a cosy seat, we will glide through picturesque alleys and piazzas, embarking on a trip back in time that only bicycles can experience.
Along the wine road, we will cycle across fortified villages and medieval castles as a modern knight on a steed with pedals, plunging into the century-old traditions of Tuscany and soaking up the warmth of friendly people who have become known worldwide for their hospitality and culinary art.

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