The unstoppable rise of a great idea: the e-bike phenomenon redesigns sustainable mobility

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The unstoppable rise of a great idea: the e-bike phenomenon redesigns sustainable mobility
September 2017

Human ingenuity has no limits: it identifies a new need, analyses its aspects, creates solutions that meet requirements and then translates what was initially simple insight into reality. The bicycle has also followed the same path since its appearance in 1817: that initial rudimentary wooden bicycle with two wheels and no pedals, used when horses were scarce, saw such exponential growth that it became the major form of transport (a supremacy that still competes with horses today…even if now in the form of horse power under a car bonnet!).
Anyone can get on a bicycle and accomplish great feats! Because now there are pedals, brakes, multiple gears, tyres suited to all types of terrain, just as there is always someone ready to get on a bike and go. After all, all you need to do is turn the pedals…right? No, unfortunately sometimes that is not enough. Age, health or even just routes that are difficult to tackle on a bike posed limits that, until recently, could be reached but not overcome on a bike. This is where human ingenuity has, once again, put itself to the test by inventing the e-bike!

A new generation of bikes with an electric motor helps with pedaling without eliminating it, allowing some people to continue physical exercise without excessive effort and others to arrive in previously inaccessible places. The impact of this discovery has been so impressive that in just a short time the e-bike has become an essential means of transport for all ages and types of amateur cyclist, from commuters to the most dedicated travellers. Its success is now so relentless that, according to the Electric Bike World Report 2016, in the coming years in Europe, for every three bikes sold one will certainly be an e-bike.
Just like any worthy revolution, the e-bike also brings innovation, turning it into functional details that enhance the potential of the bike: technology has taken giant steps, successfully guaranteeing different types of motor for e-bikes. It can transform even an old bike at home into an e-bike while making motors invisible on new models without altering their aesthetic appeal. It has lighter and longer lasting batteries, a control display that can store all data related to pedaling, from speed to the distance travelled, battery charging and selected levels of assistance. Moreover, specific apps allow you to connect your e-bike to your smartphone: all this has given e-bikes fresh appeal, attracting and intriguing even the youngest cyclists.

Of course not everything is perfect, since some details still need to be perfected. For example, a certain amount of attention needs to be given to the initial forward jolt that the pedal-assisted system creates and that often takes a new e-biker by surprise. In addition, an e-bike weighs more than a bike without a motor and battery. Selle Royal has improved on these two small disadvantages by creating eZone: a saddle with a specific design and materials to limit any inconvenience caused by sudden accelerations and to make manual handling of the e-bike easier, when required. Thanks to research carried out in collaboration with Designworks, the design studio of the BMW Group, eZONE was invented to focus on these three key areas: acceleration support, comfort and manoeuvrability.
The result is a fully optimized reinforced and comfortable saddle, which e-Bike enthusiasts will no longer be able to do without!

Previewed at Eurobike 2017, the major trade fair in Europe for the bike sector, eZone is ready for launching on the market and is intended to make every e-bike journey an ever better experience.
Further information on the new e-bike from Selle Royal will soon be available. Meanwhile…stay tuned!


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