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The way of the sun is made for bikes
January 2017

The Netherlands is the country of tulips, windmills, of its thousands of canals, but mostly for cycling. With over 32,000 km of well-marked bike paths that are often completely independent of roads reserved for cars, it is common to consider this country as the homeland of bike lovers.

Loving cycling also means having a lifestyle that is in contact with nature, so it is inevitable that care and protection of the environment are important for those who choose this medium; at Selle Royal, we too share this green philosophy.

The Netherlands has taken it even one step further in 2015, creating the first bike path with solar panels in the world: the Sola Road.

On the outskirts of Amsterdam and within a route already reserved for bicycles, 70 metres of solar cells were integrated into the path, placed onto a concrete base and covered with a transparent glass of a thickness of 1 cm. After the first six months of testing, the results were truly impressive: the energy produced by the panels was equal to the energy needs for one house for an entire year!

This is why the Netherlands has decided to extend the project for many more kilometres, with the short-term goal of gaining the electricity needed to power street lighting and traffic lights across the country.

Taking into account that Dutch cyclists love to use the bike instead of a car and often have more than one (one for daily use and another for longer trips), achieving this goal will not be a problem!

The Holland saddle from Selle Royal is padded with Royalgel, equipped with a spring system that ensures comfort and suspension that is suitable for those who ride in Relaxed mode, and is our special tribute to the Dutch culture of wellness while cycling along the city streets.

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