From the West Coast to Tasmania. Roberto Cassa’s world tour continues

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From the West Coast to Tasmania. Roberto Cassa’s world tour continues
October 2018

After sharing the wonders of New Zealand and thrilling us with his long ride from Vancouver to Los Angeles along the North American West Coast in April of this year, Roberto Cassa is now ready to saddle up for another adventure.
Always on the look-out for fascinating places, especially in terms of landscape, Roberto has chosen Tasmania, the island off the coast of Australia, as his destination. It boasts forests with the tallest trees in the world and the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area covering almost 14 000 km2.
Roberto headed out in mid-October, planning his departure with care, since in the southern hemisphere, October has a more favourable climate than Europe, heralding the arrival of the sunny season with temperatures ranging between 16° and 18°C.
Roberto’s route will take him to both the coasts and the internal areas of the island, passing from warmer climates to colder ones, but always in the blustery wind typical of this land.

His journey starts in the capital, Hobart. From there, he will first head inland clockwise, then push toward the coast to close the circular route in the capital, covering a total of approximately 2 000 km.
The first stage is Southwest National Park, Australia’s largest national park, a rainforest covering over 600 000 hectares with centuries-old trees, like the as the Huon pine that has grown here for 3 000 years, spectacular waterfalls and over 300 varieties of moss, ferns and lichens, among the rarest on Earth.
His nature ride will continue along the icy lakes of Cradle Mountain, and then the gorges of the Walls of Jerusalem before reaching the white beach and the orange-rock encircled crystal-clear waters of Binalong Bay.

His coastal adventure will continue at Honeymoon Bay, where he might take a break to swim in its inviting blue waves or to watch the Cockatoos flitting overhead.
And then it’s back to natural wonders: Tasman National Park with its towering cliffs and many land and sea creatures. Will he catch a glimpse of dolphins, opossums or migrating whales? If he looks up, might he see a few sea eagles?
Bruny Island is the last stage before he heads back toward the capital, where his southern nature journey will end.
As always, Roberto will set out with very clear ideas in mind. But, we’re certain that once he becomes more familiar with these immense and lush lands, he will also let himself be guided by instinct.

Selle Royal shares Roberto’s adventurous spirit, and has chosen to support his trek with two different saddles that will enable him to ride comfortably and safely, and that he can change as needed. The first is  Respiro Athleticthe saddle with a central channel that reduces pressure in the perineal area, while improving transpiration, and with a cover that’s "fresher" than other types of black covers. We’re sure this saddle will prove to be an irreplaceable ally in the warmest weather.

The other saddle in his possession is Lookin 3D Athletic, with an innovative and extremely resistant material on both sides protecting it from cuts, abrasions and punctures that can occur during more adventurous excursions.
Both saddles’ comfortable padding will reduce pressure spikes and reduce Roberto’s discomfort during his countless hours of pedalling along the almost 2 000 km route. After his many two-wheeled travels in recent years, Roberto states with certainty that the best investment is a comfortable saddle!

Now that he’s off, we’re impatient to follow Roberto’s travels, and to hear the stories he will tell upon his return. Until then, we can follow him as he explores the footsteps of the Tasmanian Devil on his official channels o  Facebook and Instagram. Bon voyage, Roberto! We can’t wait to learn about corners of the world that we could not have imagined!

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