You never forget your first long ride

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You never forget your first long ride
December 2016

They were the last days of summer and the sun was still able to offer just enough heat so you could get up to the mountains and enjoy a weekend where it is cool. In all reality, it happens quite often that you find yourself in the mountains for a day when you have grandparents who live in Alta Badia.

But this time was different: to accompany little Carlotta and her parents, some old friends arrived from Padua with their little girls, all wanting to spend the last weekend in good company before school started.

What could they do to engage and entertain both the adults and children? Elena, who was born and raised in places such as these, got an idea: a beautiful bike ride on the San Candido-Lienz!

The ride, which lasts about 45 km, follows the course of the river Drava and is slightly sloped, so it is suitable for all ages and types of cyclists.

In their case, this was a determining factor because, in addition to four adults, three little girls of two, six and eight years of age were pedalling as well, with different needs and abilities. So they arrived in San Candido by train, rented their bicycles at the station and left for Lienz. Once they passed a short underpass, they found themselves right on the bike path, ready to shift gears!

The path, separated from the street for cars, winds through the woods and sunny meadows in Austria, so they could enjoy the late summer warmth to its fullest. Immediately after Sillian, about a third of the way in, they made a stop at the Loacker outlet, a must for gourmands from around the world, where they enjoyed a feast before leaving!

From that moment on, the girls and adults were won over by the tour, and reached Lienz without stopping. For a journey of this kind, albeit simple, the ideal is to maintain a moderate speed and ride on a saddle like Scientia, positioned properly at the distance of the hip bones, so as to ensure maximum comfort even when cycling for hours.

Elena was happy to show her friends the beauty of the mountains, and to pass on the joy of achieving such a distant goal by the sheer force of their legs to her daughter Carlotta and to Margherita and Vittoria.

Sometimes it happens so... all of a sudden, even if you do not ride every day, to feel the thrill of realising how "democratic" cycling is, in how it unites those young and old. But above all, we see how much cycling possesses the right rhythm to allow us to enjoy that which surrounds us, at a pace slightly faster than that on foot, and just a little slower than when on four wheels.

The girls were so fascinated by cycling that they have already asked to go back in spring!

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