How to choose your perfect bike saddle

How to choose your perfect bike saddle

Which factors can make cycling an incredibly positive experience? Choosing to move by bike can be a simple choice, but it implies adopting a new lifestyle and, why not, some level of technical experience. Whether you choose it for daily rides around town or for long hikes on rough roads, there are several factors you want to consider to minimise the hassles when it comes to cycling: the most important one of these is to identify the most suitable saddle to ride comfortably.



The first thing to do to find the right saddle is to establish your own riding position, which can differ according to your way of riding.

Selle Royal has identified three riding positions:



Relaxed is the perfect position for those who prefer to keep their back perpendicular to the bicycle for a leisurely ride.


Moderate for those who tend to tilt their back 60° compared to the bike, to push a little harder on the pedals without overdoing it.


Athletic for riders who are used to cycling at a faster pace, keeping their back at an even lower angle (around 45°).


The next step after identifying your riding position is to understand what type of bike you are using - a dutch-bike, a trekking-bike, an e-bike? Differences between bike types are important to understand how you will use it and help you find the right seat, according to the length and type of the routes you usually cover.

After identifying the right Riding Position the most demanding cyclists can choose the size that better fits the distance between their own hip bones, finding the most suitable style from our Scientia range. The shape and size of this range of products are specifically designed to fit the body shape of those who choose it.



Another key step is to check out the padding material and the shape of the seat. It is therefore necessary to decide on what material your hip bones will rest.

If you are planning to ride long distances, you may want to choose a saddle with Royalgel padding, which reduces pressure peaks considerably and allows you to stay comfortable even on less travelled paths. For this purpose, we recommend saddles with this padding, a technology that places gel in specific anatomical areas to meet the needs of each cyclist and significantly reduce the weight of the saddle, ideal for riders who want a lightweight bike. In addition, for those who are particularly susceptible to saddle sores, a recess or a central hole can be the perfect solution to reduce friction and provide relief when riding long distances.



If, on the other hand, you use your bike for occasional rides or shorter distances, the best solution is to opt for a Memory Foam saddle: a viscous, elastic foam that immediately adapts to the shape of your body and provides instant relief from pressure on the sit bone area. While being highly subjective, comfort is still a very important factor for riders, no matter how they are going to use their bike.  And once you feel physically comfortable, you will only have to pedal faster to the reach the mental well-being that will make your whole personal experience unforgettable.