5 reasons to change your bike saddle

When it comes to bike upgrades, most people focus on the drivetrain, shifters or brakes, while the saddle is often overlooked. We’ve all heard friends say, “It’s just the saddle that came with the bike” when questioned about their seat of choice. Yet, as the most important point of contact between a rider and their bike, swapping out saddles can be a smart move towards increased comfort and performance for a better overall ride quality.



Here are five reasons why you should think about changing saddles:


Saddles age

A saddle, like any bicycle component, is subject to wear and tear. This can happen even faster when bikes are stored outdoors where they are frequently exposed to UV rays or rain. Saddle covers crack, the internal foam loses shock absorption capacity—even the frame can give way under the weight of time. If your saddle has superficial cracks, creaks when you use it or has suddenly become uncomfortable, that means it's time to replace it


Our bodies change

 Although it happens gradually, our bodies are constantly changing. We can put on weight or lose it, increase muscle mass or fat, lose elasticity or gain joint mobility. And as our bodies change, so does the relationship with our saddle. A once comfortable saddle can suddenly become uncomfortable due to a few extra pounds or simply because our muscles are no longer used to pedaling quite so far. To stay safe, comfortable and healthy, reevaluating saddle choice as our bodies change is very important. 


Better comfort equals a better ride

You can have the fastest, most beautiful bike in the world, but if the saddle is uncomfortable, your rides will quickly become an odyssey of pain and discomfort. The fact is that bicycle saddles make contact with one of the most delicate parts of the body, an area with high concentrations of blood vessels and nerves that are extremely sensitive to pressure and blows. A comfortable saddle that adapts to your specific body type is the first step towards improving the pleasure of pedaling and getting the most out of every ride. 


A new saddle can rejuvenate an old bike

If your bike is a few years old, a quick way to give it a "refresh" is to swap the saddle. Saddle design has changed a lot over the years in terms of both performance and style. A new saddle is a great way to stand out with a pop of color, a fresh silhouette or even to combine a vintage aesthetic with modern, innovative design. Give your old bike a new look with a bold, new saddle. 


Saddle performance has evolved

Although often overlooked compared to other components, saddles have also undergone numerous technical evolutions over the past few years. Innovations in design, materials and the study of the physiological relationship between riders and their bikes have allowed us to create lighter, more comfortable, better performing and more durable saddles. While they can often seem like a secondary component, modern bicycle saddles are the result of first-rate studies, design and manufacturing.



Most importantly, beyond all the reasons to change saddles, there is one key thing to remember: the relationship between a rider and their saddle is personal. When you find a saddle that works well for you, one that is comfortable and fits you, your riding style and your bike, treat it well and it will surely do the same to you for many years to come.