#Ride #Love #Share: The Extraordinary Stories of Ordinary Cyclists

A bicycle is a vehicle consisting of a frame and wheels, powered mostly by the strength the legs. However, if we were to ask cyclists the question “What is a bicycle to you?”, their answers would certainly be far from the aforementioned definition.

A bike can take on different definitions and meanings depending on the cyclist describing it as well as the personal experiences they have had with this special vehicle. A bike is freedom, conquest, crashes, sunsets, travel, work, challenges, friends, cities, nature, fun, life...

Each cyclist therefore has their own unique and fascinating “bike story”. Cyclists like Victor, Laura, Gustavo and Anna—normal people, with different stories and paths, united by one shared trait: a love of cycling. For them, bikes represent passion and conviction: a faithful friend, always and reliably by their side. And it is thanks to this enthusiasm for two wheels that their stories of ordinary, everyday life transform to become a source of extraordinary inspiration.


Victor: an eclectic with a love for bikes

Environmental planner, singer, artist, sportsman…Victor always chooses to ride when moving throughout his city, as well as beyond. Outside of commuting, he also uses his bike to explore the quiet nature that surrounds him: “I love to ride in the company of friends who share this passion with me, but also – and above all else – I love riding alone. It’s my way to de-stress, my therapy at the end of a busy day.”

Asking him how many bikes he has owned and which kinds, he replies: “I have had several bikes, from BMX to mountain bikes and more, but my real passion is fixed gear bikes! The fixie I have at the moment, I created it by converting an old road bike. I really like taking care of the mechanics, removing and reassembling the parts, without worrying about whether or not my hands get too dirty! Indeed, this is the best part of the job!”



As for the greatest lesson that the bike has taught Victor? “When you ride, anything can happen, from long and wonderful adventures, to big, epic crashes. The important thing is to always get back up and keep pedaling. It's all part of the game.”


Laura and Gustavo: millennials around the world

Laura and Gustavo are a pair of millennials who have traveled around the world together, from Düsseldorf to Brazil, Sidney and now to Amsterdam, where they have been living for about a year. Throughout their travels, one constant has always been the bike, which they use to move around the city, explore their surroundings and chase sunsets on the beach.



Describing their life in Amsterdam, they tell us: “We are in the city of bikes par excellence, and therefore, it is just the perfect place to fully experience our great love for cycling! With our typically Dutch bikes, we travel around the city every day and enjoy some weekend outings.”

The goal of their next trip out of town? “The ocean near Amsterdam! We want to experience another sunset on the beach, which we will add to the list of beautiful landscapes that we have been able to see during our many travels!”

Upon moving to Amsterdam, they immediately felt part of the local cycling community: “The cycling community in the Netherlands is huge. We don't really know each other, but it's as if we are all friends because we share the same passion for cycling. And that connection is enough to say ‘Hello’ to any passing cyclist.”


Anna: a mathematician in Rome

Anna has lived in Rome for six years where, following completion of her PhD, she works for a humanitarian organization. Although she has spent a lot of time living abroad, first in Istanbul and then in Berlin, she doesn't like moving very much.

Just like Laura and Gustavo, a bike has always accompanied her on her journeys over the years: “I grew up with a bike in the Po Valley, and then I always took one with me, even when I was abroad. And yes, I even gave my bike a name: Solange! Before coming to me, this bike belonged to a tour guide from Rome. I like to think about how many things she was able to see before becoming my partner!”



Solange accompanies Anna throughout her everyday life, but in the 'Eternal City', cycling is not always easy: “Riding around Rome is beautiful, but at times it can really become an obstacle course. But I can't give it up, it's my true passion! With my bike, I also take longer trips and rides. On weekends, I love to take a break from everyday life, seeking refuge in the hills or by the sea or exploring some historical ruins outside of Rome.”

Anna has a contagious passion for cycling, and she makes sure that everyone knows it: “I literally tell all the people I know to ride a bicycle. What can I say? I love it!”


The bike, beyond being simply a means of transportation, has the ability to thrill and to reach people's hearts, to the point of becoming a true lifestyle as in the cases of Victor, Laura, Gustavo and Anna. A bike can help you to understand and overcome your limits; on some occasions, a bike is a reliable companion on long journeys and throughout everyday life, on others, it can be a certainty in a constantly changing world.