The new e-bike saddle

Feel safe and in control on your e-bike

ON is a saddle designed for all types of e-bikes. Perfect for long or short rides, both in the city and out of town, ON offers great comfort while riding and increased manoeuvrability on foot.

Unique E-Fit design

Created for e-bikes of any kind: the flexible sides of ON facilitate pedalling, with an elevated rear to help you immediately find the right position to avoid backward sliding during acceleration.

Best technology for best comfort

Whatever the e-journey, Royalgel padding reduces pressure peaks and ensures the highest level of comfort for even your longest rides.

Easy handling

A soft-touch, rubberised grip perfectly integrated into the saddle rear makes manoeuvring your e-bike easier on foot.

The perfect style

Not only functionality but good looks too: the clean and elegant design of ON adds a touch of cool to any e-bike.

Begin your e-ride