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Enjoy short spins and quick trips comfortably and confidently on Aurorae. With its wide, round shape and Slow Fit Foam padding, Aurorae adapts to your body, absorbing shocks with the help of elastomers and conveying a feeling of immediate, soft support when riding your city bike.
  • Lenght: 254 mm
  • Width: 231 mm
  • Weight: 673 gr
  • Product Line: Urban Life

Why Aurorae is right for you and your Urban Life


Ideal for short and easy rides, Slow Fit Foam is an exclusive Selle Royal technology designed to fit the shape of your body. Its memory foam formulation with a slow, bounce-back effect provides immediate comfort and ensures a smooth feeling while riding.


Enjoy a dry ride with a water-resistant saddle. This patented Selle Royal technology allows the saddle to be 100% sealed and substantially waterproof, even when exposed to heavy, wet weather.


You always watch out for unexpected obstacles, but if you do miss one, your saddle with elastomers will absorb even the most severe shocks without making a sound.


A must for your Selle Royal accessories: the Integrated Clip System positioned at the rear of your saddle will make the attachment of a Selle Royal saddle bag or other accessories an easy clip away.