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Junio 2021

5 tips on how to plan a bike tour

Few things make you feel as free as taking your bike and going for a ride. But before you set off, here are some tips for the perfect bike tour...
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Octubre 2020

Eight Reasons to Travel (More) by Bike!

Mobility alternatives, more liveable cities and changing lifestyles are issues that have increasingly become the focus of public discourse...
  • Bike Culture & Tips
Agosto 2020

Llegan las vacaciones, pero la bicicleta no descansa

Despertador, ducha, café, tráfico, trabajo, pausa, trabajo, casa. Y vuelta a empezar...
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Agosto 2020

How to correctly mount your saddle

The saddle, when correctly chosen, allows you to make the most of your bike every time you climb on it, but only if mounted correctly. Once the ideal saddle has been purchased, it is therefore essential to install it correctly...
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Junio 2020

Five reasons to change your bike saddle

As the most important point of contact between a rider and their bike, swapping out saddles can be a smart move towards towards increased comfort and performance...
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Julio 2019

By Bike from Innsbruck to Italy with Girolibero

The capital of Austrian Tyrol, Innsbruck was one of the warmest communities we visited on our european Support Cyclists On The Road tour, not to mention the most fun...
  • Bike Culture & Tips
Agosto 2018

Bicicleta y cultura: dos ruedas para viajar con la imaginación

La bicicleta es un medio de transporte maravilloso. Y hasta aquí, ninguna novedad....
  • Bike Culture & Tips
Julio 2018

Cuando arte y tecnología se unen, la belleza se mide en pedaladas

Las cosas son como son. Al subirse uno a la bicicleta, ya sabe que le espera el cansancio ...