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Rêves, passions et histoires de cyclistes, dans le monde.
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Décembre 2020

#Ride #Love #Share: Portraits of Everyday Cyclists

A bike can take on different definitions and meanings depending on the cyclist describing it as well as the personal experiences they have had with this special vehicle...
  • Bike Culture & Tips
Octobre 2020

Eight Reasons to Travel (More) by Bike!

Mobility alternatives, more liveable cities and changing lifestyles are issues that have increasingly become the focus of public discourse...
  • Product & Tech
Septembre 2020

Comfort and Safety with the new Vivo Reflective Athletic Saddle

As summer draws to a close and the days get shorter, the new Vivo Reflective Athletic saddle is here to offer you that extra peace of mind and practical safety...
  • Bike Culture & Tips
Août 2020

How to correctly mount your saddle

The saddle, when correctly chosen, allows you to make the most of your bike every time you climb on it, but only if mounted correctly...
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Juin 2020

Five reasons to change your bike saddle

As the most important point of contact between a rider and their bike, swapping out saddles can be a smart move towards towards increased comfort and performance...
  • Bike Culture & Tips
Juillet 2019

By Bike from Innsbruck to Italy with Girolibero

The capital of Austrian Tyrol, Innsbruck was one of the warmest communities we visited on our european Support Cyclists On The Road tour, not to mention the most fun...
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Juin 2019

Avec Girolibero, découvrons ensemble les joies de la lenteur, une autre manière d'être en selle

Rouler à vélo peut prendre différentes tournures mais chacune, à sa manière, évoque systématiquement l’aventure...
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Si vous souhaitez acheter un vélo d'occasion et que vous n’êtes pas mécanicien, vous devez faire attention à quelques points de base avant la vente. Regardez la vidéo pour en savoir plus!