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Selle Royal & Cina
Avril 2016

Any company with the potential for global reach cannot neglect the opportunity to research the Asian market to develop new product and marketing strategies. Also, we at Selle Royal believe that looking to the Far East is a great opportunity for us to establish our brand globally.

We had a talk with Roberto Bucci, product manager of Selle Royal, who explained to us the SR strategy


  • What does China mean for the Selle Royal brand?

The Asian market is in extreme growth right now, and the goal for SR is to have the right coverage in this market.  This can have different dynamics for what concerns Marketing and Product strategies.

  • How did we start a collaboration in China and how are we strategically acting from a product point of view?

The choice of SR in China is not to delocalize production to reduce costs, but to invest in human resources and production systems that represent the same quality standards established over the years in Italy. From the product point of view, this means the same production and quality system that we have in Italy and a team of product managers and product developers that are collaborating with the most important design studios and suppliers to guarantee to each market the best products in terms of innovation and quality.

  • What about marketing for and in China?

Also for the marketing we have decided to invest in dedicated resources that have the capacity to ensure the overall image that the brand needs to have, and to implement the specific marketing plan in China according to specific needs.
The marketing plan for the next year will have a strong  focus on online activities, but include the   management of key events in collaboration with our partners and into the retail level with the development of in-store tools that increase the brand and product image to help dealers increase B2C sales.

  • What are the planned objectives and goals for China  in the near future?

The first objective is to know and understand deeply the needs and requirements of the Chinese market with a focus on the end consumer. As a global brand, the final goal is to have a range of products with the same quality standards regardless of the production site but with characteristics suitable for specific markets

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