Selle Royal launches UP saddle art project

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Selle Royal launches UP saddle art project
Avril 2016

Selle Royal has commissioned leading comic artists, product designers, graphic illustrators and animators from across Europe and America to create an exclusive set of 25 saddle-based artworks.

The artworks follow five themes to raise awareness of key societal issues and celebrate some international holidays: Valentines Day (14th February) Women’s Day (8th March), Earth Day (22nd April), International Bike Day (11th May) and Children’s Day (1st June).

The five themes were chosen in a vote by Selle Royal employees, selecting global issues that concerned and motivated them most. 

We at Selle Royal have always strived to be an ethical company and believe that cycling and art can be powerful forces for change in the world. The themes chosen reflect this dedication, with the first edition about overcoming adversity and coming together to strive for a fairer, less divided world.

Matteo Cuccato, artist and project leader explained the process: “Aside from selecting the illustrators and the saddle template, we gave the artists free reign to express themselves as they saw fit, with their preferred techniques and styles, using the saddle as a blank canvas.

To help promote discussion on these issues, Selle Royal will make just one of each saddle available to the public via a free-to-enter social media competition using the hashtag #sUPportproject with entrants encouraged to give examples of adversity in their life or how they overcame it.

The first series of five saddles to be announced is titled ‘Love Today’ and will launch on Valentines Day the 14th of February using the hashtag #Lovetoday. Each of these first five works have been created using Selle Royal’s LookIN Moderate Saddle.

You can have a look to Selle Royal UP Video here.

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