Comfort and Safety with the new Vivo Reflective Athletic Saddle


Comfort and Safety with the new Vivo Reflective Athletic Saddle
九月 2020

Biking for your daily commute is the ideal way to combine business with pleasure: reaching your destination while keeping fit and getting fresh air – and doing it on a green vehicle to boot! But behind all bright lights there’s a dark side, and in this case, it’s literally cycling in the dark.

But not to fear. As summer draws to a close and the days get shorter, the new Vivo Reflective Athletic saddle is here to offer you that extra peace of mind and practical safety that urban cyclists need when pedaling on busy and poorly lit roads.

To ensure greater safety and visibility, the saddle has a film on the back that has a soft color in the sunlight, but in the dark, it reflects the light from cars, bicycles and other vehicles.

Safety and comfort, meet in the modern and clean design of the new Vivo Reflective Athletic saddle. Padded with Foam Matrix, it has a central channel to relieve pressure in the perineal area and a bas-relief pattern in the support area of ​​the ischial bones to give a better grip while pedaling, while ensuring soft and supple feel.

Vivo Reflective is suitable for all urban cyclists pedaling in an Athletic riding position, with a spinal inclination of 45 ° whilst riding.

With its reflective film, Vivo Reflective Athletic guarantees greater visibility, but for your own safety it is important to always pay attention to basic safety rules when cycling: respect the rules of the road, do not pedal closely alongside vehicles, always remain alert and attentive, maintain your direction of travel or signal any changes in direction with your arms.

Like any vehicle, the bike must also signal its presence with reflectors, white or yellow lights on the front and red on the back. Lights must be in operation half an hour after sunset and in all hours of darkness, including those due to particular atmospheric conditions.

We hope that with a few good tips like these and this great new product, even those who have recently started enjoying the benefits of a cycling lifestyle - whether for fun, fitness or simply to get around the city - can continue to stay in the saddle through the darker months ahead!

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