Discovering together with Girolibero the treasure of slowness by saddle

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Discovering together with Girolibero the treasure of slowness by saddle
六月 2019

The word 'ride' has many different meanings, each telling the same story of adventure. Our kind of ride is what we call "slow tourism", a respectful and conscious approach to discovering some of the most beautiful corners of the planet. This type of tourism requires excellent planning, from bringing together like-minded people, to selecting the perfect vehicle to cover the kilometres. And that for us is, of course, the bicycle.

Since 1998, there have been a group of cyclists in Italy that have loved the way of travelling the world by bike and have since chosen to make this passion their work. Starting out by purchasing 24 bicycles and as many locks as they could afford, their first rides were a great success that took them through Austria, Holland and Germany.

Thanks to their dedication and the support of those first tourists, just before the turn of the century, Girolibero was officially born. Girolibero is now the leading Italian tour operator specialised in cycling holidays and dedicated to all those who yearn to discover the world at a slow pace. As Girolibero grows, their credo of respect for the environment, different cultures and local traditions they meet along the way are still of the highest value.

Today Girolibero offers over 200 touring itineraries around the world from which amateur cyclists can choose, and from the choices of countries to discover, to the selection of the best routes, finest hotels, and even baggage transfer, Girolibero offers full assistance that leaves nothing to chance - because travelling on two wheels should be 100% pleasure.

To this day, promoting conscious tourism on two wheels is Girolibero's primary commitment, earning respect from every category of cyclist, from beginner to professional. Joining AITR (Italian Association of Responsible Tourism) and becoming a member of ATTA (Adventure Travel Trade Association) underlines the commitment to a travel philosophy which, now more than ever, the planet needs.

The concept of responsible cycling and commitment to promoting the bike as a healthy, sustainable lifestyle brought Selle Royal and Girolibero together on a remarkable journey. In fact, the current fleet of 2000 bicycles and 200 e-bikes managed by the Vicenza tour operator are all equipped with Selle Royal saddles. To celebrate this union, destined to once again go around the world in the coming months, Girolibero will be suggesting the best trips for you to join, in excellent company and on two wheels (and a saddle). So keep an eye out here and get ready to pack your bags for the adventure of a lifetime!

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