Rain, frost and wind. Here are our tips to keep riding no matter what

Rain, frost and wind. Here are our tips to keep riding no matter what

Every sport or physical activity has its limits of feasibility: some are influenced by the weather, others require a team, a gym or a field. We all know that when you have a passion for something, the last thing you want is to limit or restrain it.

The bicycle is now a common means of transport, but also a fun way to enjoy the outdoors. Despite the weather conditions, it can always be used, either to go to work, or for a trip out of town. Even with the cold, with rain or with the wind. And you don’t need to be a superhero. Just gear up smartly, and a sudden storm or a frosty January will never be a problem. Here is some advice from those who can never do without their bikes.



First of all you need to protect yourself from the cold. When temperatures are low, the nervous system concentrates your blood flow towards your internal organs, to the detriment of your limbs, such as the hands and feet. In addition to comfortable, warm clothes, you will need to wear winter gloves, socks, shoes and a hat, that keep your appendages warm.

These clothes should not only repair you from the cold; they must also be made of breathable fabric (to leave your body dry, despite the sweating), and above all they should be waterproof to cope with another potential weather threat: the rain. Again, fear not. In addition to the measures we just mentioned, you will need a breathable rain jacket (hooded, if possible) and waterproof overtrousers. Also, if you don’t have a pair of waterproof shoes, it is important that you wear silicone overshoes to avoid getting your feet wet. Regardless of weather conditions, you should always have the necessary equipment to deal with any unexpected event.



As for your riding, you’d better stay away from manholes when the road is wet, and when the wind is blowing and you’re against the current, you should accept to ride a little slower: it is useless to go against powerful gusts of wind, as you will only waste your energy.

In the event of snow or icy surfaces, you may want to use your brakes sparingly to keep your wheels from locking, which could make you lose control of your vehicle. Under these conditions, it is important that you maintain a position perpendicular to the ground, avoiding bending or accelerating when cornering, to allow your tires to stick to the ground as best as possible. If you are riding over surfaces that include metal parts, such as gratings or manholes, it is important that you are extremely careful as they are easily turn into real ice sheets. In these cases it is always better to stay on concrete, asphalt or clay, which will help you keep the balance more easily.

Finally, here’s a series of advice on your bicycle and some of its parts. In autumn and winter, it is better to use winter tires, which provide greater grip even on slippery and wet soils. If possible, and if your bike doesn’t have them already, it is advisable to install mudguards, to avoid getting dirty with water and mud. In addition, it is important to have lights that clearly signal your presence on the road, since visibility can be reduced even during the day in winter.



Finally, you should keep in mind that rain and snow, which are more frequent at this time of year, will make both the painted and the chromed metal parts of your bicycle rust. To remove rust, there are some simple but effective remedies, like lemon juice mixed with salt, which should be applied with a brush, left on for a few minutes and then brushed away with steel wool.

With these precautions - which may seem obvious but are actually tried and tested by experienced cyclists - you will easily face difficult days without sacrificing your passion: let yourself be carried away by the force you impart to the pedals; observe the world in a quiet, respectful way; listen to the lively, sincere hiss of the wind in your ears.

Your bike allows you to explore, reach, see, learn. It can be used in winter, in summer, in the rain, in the sun or through the wind. You desire to get into the saddle and ride will have the last word.