#Ride #Love #Share: Portraits of ordinary cyclists—with overwhelming enthusiasm!

#Ride #Love #Share: Portraits of ordinary cyclists—with overwhelming enthusiasm!

We are living in the years of the bicycle boom, in which voices for alternative mobility, more liveable cities and new lifestyles are making themselves more and more loudly heard. The media, politicians, large industries and financial giants are all talking about it—yet the real protagonists of this "revolution" are ordinary people, those for whom the use of two wheels is an essential part of their everyday lives.

Among these "bike people", we have already outlined portraits of Victor, Laura, Gustavo, Anna and Antonella, who each showed us how choosing a cycling lifestyle – a small and simple gesture – can dramatically improve anyone’s life. Now the time has come to be taken in by the two-wheeled enthusiasm of Dorian, Martha and Tommaso.

Dorian: an athlete with two gold medals…and a cargo bike.


What's a Dutch guy doing in California? Many phenomenal things, if you are Dorian.

Originally from the Netherlands, Dorian has lived in Laguna Beach for 8 years with his family and has a beautiful sporting history. As an athlete, he has competed in many World and Olympic competitions, winning two gold medals: "I have spent the past 12 years competing in windsurfing for my country, the Netherlands. I won my first gold medal at the London Olympics in 2012 and my second at the Rio Olympic Games in 2016. I also participated in the last World Championships."

The life of an athlete is always busy, with training and competitions around the world: “Although these years have been intense and fulfilling, I have recently decided to retire. It wasn't an easy choice, but what I need right now is to be with my family. I am really happy to take care of the house and to raise my two girls while spending a lot of time with them.”



In Dorian's life, windsurfing isn’t the only focus: "I'm Dutch, and every person born in Holland is born with a bike. California has a much more favorable climate, and I couldn't help but ride here. I have two bikes: an e-MTB and an e-cargo bike, and I enjoy venturing in and around the hills of Laguna Beach with both of them.”

Thanks to a Dutch friend of his, Dorian managed to get a cargo bike: “My neighbor gave me his Bakfiets as a gift. Accepted enthusiastically, I immediately got on the saddle with my daughters. After a couple of climbs, I realized that it would be impossible to ride every day with a heavy cargo bike and two little girls. With the help of a mechanic, I installed an electric motor and thus transformed it into an e-cargo bike!”



Every day, Dorian uses his cargo bike to accompany his girls to school, to go shopping and to go surfing. While in other countries this may be common, in Laguna Beach, he is the only person to move around like this: "My cargo bike is my way of being different, of being myself. And it's also the best way to have fun with my girls; they love it. They like it so much that when they see me getting on the saddle, they run to me and ask 'Dad, where are you going without us?’.”

It’s a simple life for champion Dorian, spent mostly with his family and dedicated to his greatest passions, cycling and windsurfing. Outside of that, Dorian also has his own non-profit. The Dorian Foundation has the mission to help boys and girls achieve their sporting dreams, giving them not only financial help, but the right equipment and advice on how to navigate the world of sport—And who better than Dorian to be their mentor!


Martha: a blondie with many passions!


Blonde, smiling and super active: that’s Martha. She works as a project manager for a university hospital, she’s passionate about life in the open air and loves commuting by bicycle through the hills to reach her office: "Cycling is one of my greatest passions, which began with triathlon. I use my bicycle to go to work every day, I travel about 10 km. In my free time, I cycle on the road, while living in the hills. And every now and then, I also go out on my mountain bike!"



Martha never stands still; her dynamism and energy always win: “I like to travel long distances by bike. It is certainly tiring – at times it puts a strain on you – but the feeling you get in the end is unrivalled!"

And for those like Martha who aim to constantly raise the bar, every opportunity is perfect for taking on new challenges: "One day, I planned to go climbing with a friend. Before leaving, I thought: why not go there by bike? And so, we got on the saddle with our equipment, covered the 120 km, and then started climbing!”

All sports have their place in Martha's life: she loves swimming, skating, skiing, snowboarding… And yes, she even has a penchant for longboards.

Tommaso: a life lived around two wheels.


Tommaso is a passionate young man who has built his life around bicycles.

His love for these vehicles began a long time ago: “I started cycling as a child to go to school, to go out with friends, for any kind of travel. And since then, I’ve never given it up!"

His bike continued to be his faithful companion during his university years. He even dedicated his final dissertation to cycling: "I wanted to analyze the positive economic impact that bikes have in the world, both on the environment and to people. In fact, this vehicle is a solution for everything; it allows you to reach your destination quickly, to conserve resources and to do good, not only for the environment, but for yourself, too."



Tommaso's lifestyle has always been authentic, and today he works in a prominent bike shop in his area. He is very active within the community where he lives and is well known for one of his particular projects: "A few years ago I founded True Hardcore Cycle: a collective that deals with the delivery and transport of bulky objects by bicycle in the province of Venice. With my collaborators, I also often participate in meetings on alternative mobility and the future of urban spaces.”



Asking him for some information about his bike and his relationship with it, he confesses: “I have 6 bikes, but my favourite is the fixed-gear one, which has accompanied me around the world! I have done so many trips, some of which were amazing adventures. I traveled 1500 km from Bologna to Paris in 5 nights and 6 days, I cycled along from Bucharest to Venice, I went from Lake Garda to the North Cape, from Milan to Barcelona, from Mirano to Greece. I have always done these trips without sponsors, funded entirely by myself.”

What will be Tommaso’s next undertaking? What new project is bubbling in his pot? Whether it's in his city or around the world, he certainly won't be able to stay still for long.


Dorian, Martha and Tommaso all show us the potential that bicycles have in our daily lives and the variety of ways to use them and have fun. Their enthusiasm is able to inspire many others to choose the same genuine and sustainable lifestyle. Because every cyclist is an extraordinary source of inspiration!