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On Open Athletic

Always feel safe and in control. On is specifically designed for e-bikes to ensure optimal comfort and manoeuvrability: its flexible sides facilitate pedalling, and the elevated rear helps you to immediately find the right sitting position to avoid backward sliding. The soft-touch, rubberised handle makes e-bike manoeuvring easier on foot, and the clean, elegant look adds a touch of cool to any bike. This cut-out version provides extra pressure relief in the perineal area, combined with the comfort of Royalgel™. With On, you’ll enjoy long and short rides alike, both in the city and out of town.
  • Lenght: 281 mm
  • Width: 158 mm
  • Weight: 443 gr
  • Product Line: All Journeys

Why On Open Athletic is right for you and for All your Journeys.


Superior to any other padding material for its unique formulation, Royalgel™ provides the highest level of comfort. Durable and versatile, this technology absorbs pressure and distributes it across the saddle surface, ensuring the best support for even your longest rides.


Enjoy a dry ride with a water-resistant saddle. This patented Selle Royal technology allows the saddle to be 100% sealed and substantially waterproof, even when exposed to heavy, wet weather.


An ergonomic central cut-out designed to relieve pressure in the perineal area, making it ideal for the most sensitive riders. No pain, just gain on your rides!


A must for your Selle Royal accessories: the Integrated Clip System positioned at the rear of your saddle will make the attachment of a Selle Royal saddle bag or other accessories an easy clip away.


An innovative wave-shaped design to help you immediately find the correct position on your e-bike, its elevated rear section will prevent you from sliding backward to ensure maximum comfort for your back, while the uniquely flexible saddle sides add stability and facilitate pedalling.


Get a full hold on your e-bike with this smart feature: an integrated, soft touch handle that makes manoeuvring easy.
30-Day Comfort Guarantee
30-Day Comfort Guarantee
Try the saddle for up to 30 days and, if the product is not the right one for you, simply return it.
How to mount your new saddle
How to mount your new saddle
Get the best from your saddle and avoid any postural and physical discomfort in just three steps.
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