Payment methods

What payments methods are accepted?

To place an order on, you can pick one of the following payment methods.

Credit Card and Debit Card: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners, Maestro, Discover uses Adyen payment system for the acceptance of on-line payments. Open to all operators (to check the available operators, please refer to the table below), Ayden is a safe payment system, conforming to national and international standards. Please enter your card data in the payment area or page. The system checks if the card uses a security programme, 3-D-secure, VERIFIED by VISA, or MasterCard SecureCode, and requests the related password to proceed.

- Apple Pay, Google Pay

During the purchase process, simply select "Apple Pay" or “Google Pay” from among the "Payment methods" and you will automatically be transferred to the e-wallet page. Then, simply access the page using your own credentials and confirm the payment.

-  Paypal

During the purchase process, simply select "PayPal" from among the "Payment methods" and you will automatically be transferred to the PayPal page. If you are already a PayPal client, simply access the page using your own credentials and confirm the payment. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can open one and confirm the payment, or alternatively, pay using your credit card without creating an account on PayPal. You can pay using this system even if you do not have a PayPal account, instead, using your card easily and securely.

-  Klarna Pay Now

Shoppers can pay immediately by secure bank transfer. When the user chooses this payment tool, they are directed to the Klarna Pay Now page, within which there is the order summary and the list of authorized banks from which a selection can be made to finalize the payment. Once the bank has been chosen, the buyer enters the access data of the home banking service and an OTP, received via text message or another channel. The method of this payment is a bank transfer, and the outcome of the transaction is instantaneous.

-  Klarna Pay Over Time

"Pay over time with Klarna" is a new way of paying that will allow you to divide the total purchase into convenient interest-free instalments—a service provided directly by Klarna. This payment method is available for amounts from € 35 up to € 1000 (1000 GBP for UK, 1000 USD for US). Once you have selected the "Pay over time with Klarna" option, you will be transferred to the Klarna site where you will be provided with the breakdown of the payment into the interest-free instalments. Then, you can continue by entering some of your personal and bank details when directed by Klarna in order to process the payment of all instalments. Please consider that the payment of instalments is managed directly by Klarna, therefore for any information or requests relating to the balance of your instalments, you must contact Klarna directly.


My payment process failed. What can I do now?

Firstly, you need to check if, after the checkout process, you landed on the thank you page. If you didn't see this page or you didn't receive the order confirmation email, it’s most likely your payment failed.

Then you need to check if you see any debit charge in your bank account.

Please note that on some occasions, you may see the order in your Selle Royal account order history even if your payment failed. You don't need to worry about it. It's an order that’s not actually processed.


Do I have to pay extra duties and taxes?


Specific shipping costs vary depending on delivery destination and method. We’ll display the price of your purchase in the currency appropriate to your country of residence: euros or US dollars. The price shown may include VAT (United Kingdom excluded). If your country uses a currency different from those listed above, we’ll show the price in either euros or US dollars.


When shipping to the United Kingdom (UK), the price you pay to Selle Royal will include any relevant import customs duties, import VAT or any other applicable import levies. As the buyer, you will not be required to pay these duties, taxes, and levies upon arrival of your parcel at its place of destination in order to have your order released from Customs.


Where can I find the invoice?

You will receive a purchase invoice when your order has shipped from Selle Royal HQ.

Once shipped, you will be sent an email containing your item's invoice.

If you did a return request, you will receive a credit invoice once the return procedure is completed and verified. 


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